If you want to be 100% sure of reliable site access security then the full-height «Sesame» is the best choice. This device provides complete access control being a physical barrier. Authorized access is performed by means of card readers, remote control or manually. The full-height turnstile «Sesame» is available in single or double modifications. This turnstile has rather wide passageway (649 mm), which makes carrying of dimensional articles and luggage comfortable.
The turnstile can be installed indoor and outdoor. The device design ensures uninterrupted operation for millions of passages. When barrier rods are placed at the angle of 1200, it is possible to arrange additional function ‘airlock‘: access is performed one by one and in this case reauthorization of each pedestrian is compulsory. Up to 20 pedestrians per minute can go through the turnstile in free access mode.
This full-height rotor turnstile can be procured in different configurations. A variety of colors and housing material options, angle of installation and shape of barrier rods, absence or presence of servo-actuator will enable you to find the optimal solution based on the task and the available budget.

Controlled by
· access control system.
· manual control.
When power goesOFF both directions are closed.

To be delivered additionally
· Manual unlocking in case of unavailable power.
· Reader for access control system.
· Remote radio controller.
· Backup battery 12 V, 17 А·h.
· Protective canopy.
· Deskside cabinet with fastening to floor (full-height, half-height).

Electrical Specifications
· Voltage:
– from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz.
– from a DC source 12 V.
· Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-96 – indoor IP41; outdoor IP54.
· Maximum power consumption:
Without servo
– indoor 100 W
– outdoor 500 W
– indoor 300 W
– outdoor 700 W