The turnstile «GlassGO» is a combination of reliable security and stylish design. It is designed according to the standard of full height turnstiles, but is equipped with glass blades instead of metal barrier rods. Glass blades make it a really special device and stylish. The turnstile «GlassGO» is optimal when it is necessary to ensure maximum security of territory as well as to make its ‘exquisitely‘. The turnstile can be a stylish decoration of access area providing reliable security to be compared to classic full-height turnstile.
Installation of readers, backup power supply, radio control box and manual unlocking in case of deenergization are provided in addition to the turnstile.
You are welcome to contact us and to be consulted regarding the «GlassGO» price and procurement.
· Housing — brushed stainless steel (basic material).
· Housing — polished stainless steel.

Controlled by
· access control system;
· manual control.
When power goes OFF both directions are closed.

To be delivered additionally
· Manual unclocking in case of unavailable power.
· Readers for access control system.
· Remote radio controler.
· Backup battery 12 V, 7 A·h.
· Protective canopy.
· Deskside cabinet with fastening to floor.

Electrical Specifications
· Voltage:
– from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz.
– from a DC source 12 V.
· Maximum power consumption 50 Watt per pass (150 with servo).
· Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-96 – IP41.