It’s human nature to protect the people and possessions we hold dear, and everyone enjoys feeling safe and secure. At Mediterranean Protection Solutions we understand this better than most.

Burglaries are an unfortunate fact of life and being broken into is a traumatic experience. But while the loss of your possessions (especially those with sentimental value) is deeply upsetting, it’s the emotional trauma of a break-in that can be even harder to get over.

Not only are we experts in home security alarms but we’re people too. And we can help you avoid the emotional stress caused by being a victim of burglary by protecting your property, thanks to a range of Mediterranean Protection Solutions home security systems.

From a monitored house alarm which helps keep out unwanted intruders, to more complex home security alarms that monitor temperature and detect floods, we have something for every home.

We also help you tackle the real threat that fire poses to your family’s safety. With an Mediterranean Protection Solutions smoke detector you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken the right precautions against fire, rather than leaving it to chance.

Field of Operations

We can provide the latest technology of Intruder Alarms on the market for your home and business to suite your budget.

  • Very sensitive and aggressive to intruders
  • Very robust to resist vandalism
  • An instant alarm received on specific phones
  • You can include a smoke detector
  • Quick to respond to your needs
  • Control panel C/W Telephone dialer
  • LCD Remote keypad
  • 5 PIR detector with 12KG PET immunity
  • 1 Outdoor siren

Free surveys are conducted on request and at an agreed time lag.

We love our homes and strive to take care of the family and make our house the real home.. Many accidents and disasters can happen that will ruin family resources in minutes.

Fire is one of the most common household disasters that occur. It is an experience that is hard to forget. Fire creates a great deal of damage to property and its interiors. It is traumatic, painful and very costly . Fires are commonly caused by faulty electrical appliances like extension cords, damaged or old power cords, heaters and open flames such as candles, cigarettes and gas leaks.

Most fires are preventable. With regular checks on all the electrical appliances, keeping flammable materials away from children and practicing good safety procedures when dealing with fire such as cooking, major disasters can be saved.

However accidents do happen and Mediterranean Protection Solutions offer the best solutions in early fire detection and prevention measures. The solutions offered will lower the risk and increase the peace of mind and potentially save you, your family and your property.

How safe is your home for you and your family? Are there any potential hazards that may cause an accident or injury to a family member?

Accidents at home do happen. Most of them are minor and can easily be prevented if each family member takes care of all the safety requirements to mention:-.

Tripping ; How to avoid ?

Do not leave things lying around – store them

Poor lighting – Areas which are poorly lit or un-servicable light bulbs must be replaced

Furniture- Sharp corners have to be padded or sanded down to a smooth surface.

Other potential hazards like faulty door locks, poor earthing solution for lightning and faulty electrical applications may be rather technical to resolve.

Mediterranean Protection Solutions can offer expert advice and solutions to make your home safer and to put you at peace of mind, that in the case that something does happen, you will be prepared to face it!!