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Mediterranean Protection Solutions helped thousands of small businesses over the years to put in place security measures that protect staff, property and stock from intruders. We’ve also come to specialise in solutions that protect small businesses of all shapes and sizes and from all business sectors – including retailers, offices, manufacturing and airports.

Not wedded to any specific manufacturer, we invest time to survey the weakspots in your business and find the right solution that will create the protection you want. We are highly experienced in creating security solutions for all types and ages of property.

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Our Products?

Every theft costs you money and jeopardises everything you’ve worked hard for. But using the latest video surveillance technology, our CCTV systems – which even feature an app that lets you watch your business remotely – help deter people targeting your retail business.

We offer the highest image quality in the industry, a vital factor in the search for explosives, weapons and contraband in baggage, mail and freight. Our X-ray inspection equipment plays a vital roles in aviation security, customs inspections and in protecting national critical infrastructure.

The only metal detector approved for U.S. and European airports that indicates whether multiple targets are located on the left, right or center of the body as well as vertical location.

Field of Operations

Nurse Calling System

Hospital nurse call systems must offer more than the ability for a patient to call for a nurse. These systems are now about total solutions to improving hospital performance. Performance is identified as improving efficiency in terms of hospital goals (rounding, reducing time to answer calls, tracking staff performance using metrics), improving staff satisfaction, and improving patient satisfaction.

X-Ray Machines

When we go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned, the dentist may want to take a picture of them to see if we have any cavities. This is not really a picture, but rather something called a radiograph, or an X-ray. Your dentist is actually using a small amount of radiation to create a radiograph which is an image of your teeth. The radiation that a dentist or doctor uses is often called X-rays. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic energy just light-rays and micro-waves are. X-rays have more energy than light-rays so they can penetrate and travel through materials that light-rays cannot.

Film is sensitive to x-rays in the same way that it is to light-rays, so X-rays can be used produce images. X-rays that are sent through an object can produce an image on a piece of film placed on the opposite side of the object. By examining the image or radiograph, the dentist can examine teeth for things such as cavities, which are not always readily seen. Cavities can be very small defects in your teeth. They are often too small to be seen by simply examining your teeth with the naked eye.

Car Park Solutions

Car parks can be a very lucrative business wherever parking is a problem. Being in airports, trade-fair venues, sports facilities, entertainments hubs etc. car parks prove to be the best solution to the ongoing problem.

Mediterranean Protection Solutions offer technology based solutions for parking management, enforcement and access and revenue control. Starting from the entry and exit points, we offer barrier systems which can be accessed by magnetic, transponder and even chip cards. This will enable car parks‘ management to keep control of entries and exits , vehicles and premises at large ..

We offer automatic pay stations which are systems installed in the pedestrian part of the car park to allow patrons to pay for their parking fee in closed parking areas. This system can be used for different criteria, ranging from short-term tickets to parking checks, congress cards, value cards and season parking tickets. Added payments for exceeding parking time can also be configured within the system.

Sale of category cards like value cards and season parking can be installed into the system as well to make it easier and more accessible to the patrons of the car park.