The waist-high rotor turnstile ‘Star-WS‘ is a stylish and efficient barrier device. It operates reliably even at sites with high traffic flow of pedestrians due to high traffic flow capacity. The combination of components from stainless steel and wood along with glass blades make the appearance of the turnstile exquisite and gorgeous. Stylish design of the turnstile ‘Star-WS‘ enables to install it at access control points of VIP-sites, for which interior decoration is an important factor: A-class business centres, banks, administrative facilities etc.
The waist-high rotor turnstile ‘Star-WS‘ is available in different modifications. A variety of modifications of wooden elements and glass tinting, metal parts treatment methods enable to select the turnstile depending on interior features. Card readers, reader racks, backup battery (7 A*h, 12V), remote control box are available optionally.
The waist-high rotor turnstile “Star-WS” can be obtained at factory price. To obtain the turnstile see the contact details specified on the website.
Controlled by
· access control system;
· manual control.
When power goes OFF both directions are free.

Versions of the mechanism:
· Star-WS – Servo.

To be delivered additionally
· Reader posts.
· Readers for access control system.
· Remote radio controller.
· Backup battery 12 V, 7 A·h.

Electrical Specifications
· Voltage:
– from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz.
– from a DC source 12 V.
· Maximum power consumption 50 Watt per pass.
· Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-96 – IP41.