Wall-mounted ‘Centurion‘ modification (without support).
Horn motorised turnstiles provide a true barrier to restrict travel in controlled or autorised access areas. These units will control high traffic flow of up to 50 people per minute per turnstile.

Electromechanical antipanic function (for prevention and elimination of public panic in an emergency case in buildings by providing the fail safe way through the turnstile manually).

· Turnstile housing — powder coated steel.
· Turnstile housing — polished stainless steel.
· Turnstile housing — brushed stainless steel (base material).
· Basic color: «Silver antic».

To be delivered additionally
· Posts and railings for readers.
· Readers for access control system.
· Control panels or badges for remote control (to free or lock access).
· Backup battery 12 V, 7 A·h.

Electrical Specifications
· Input power supply voltage AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz.
· Output power supply voltage DC 13,8 V.
· Maximum power consumption 50 W.