Using the Mx2wire system from MOBOTIX, an Ethernet network with PoE can be established using existing cables up to 500 m. This means that you can utilize a two-wire cable that is no longer in use (analog telephone line, antenna cable or bell wire, for instance) to connect a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet device such as a PC, WLAN, IP camera, IP telephone or IP door station without having to lay any new cables or implement any other constructional measures. An (identical) Mx2wire unit is required at both ends of the cable, and it automatically configures itself as either the sender or the receiver (MOBOTIX patent).

The significant additional benefit of Mx2wire is that, in addition to data, the power to operate PoE end devices (Power over Ethernet according to the IEEE 802.3af standard, a MOBOTIX network camera, for example) can also be transferred via the two-wire cable.

Mx2wire is supplied via PoE from the network cable that feeds in. The connected end devices are supplied with up to 7 watts via PoE. Mx2wire does not therefore require its own power supply, as the network distributor (switch) typically supplies power over the data cables (PoE) so that the two Mx2wire units as well as the standard PoE end device are supplied.

Mx2wire is delivered in a standard socket frame in different designs, however, it can also be used with the surface-mounted socket provided.

Adapter set to transfer via Ethernet and PoE using a two-wire cable

  • Two-wire cables are used to connect 10/100 MB Ethernet devices
  • Ideal to connect e.g. a PC, WLAN, IP camera, IP telephone, IP door station
  • Data transfer distance up to 500 meters; data rate is up to 30 Mbps, depending on distance
  • Connected devices are supplied with up to 7 watts via PoE
  • Simple installation in standard socket frames or surface-mounted sockets
  • Developed and manufactured by MOBOTIX in Germany