BellRFID Module For The IP Video Door Station – with RFID Technology, One To Five Addressees

BellRFID is a modular bell button module that combines a base module with any one of six available bell button sets. The bell button set can be exchanged at any time.

The module can also be used to open the door without a key via RFID card thanks to the built-in RFID technology. You can use the blue function button at the door station to listen to new mailbox messages, record new announcements and activate/deactivate the mailbox. Visitors can leave a message even without the function button. The remaining mailbox features are easily controlled using the remote station of the door station (i.e., MOBOTIX App).

The BellRFID module is installed in the exactly same manner as the KeypadRFID module. BellRFID and KeypadRFID can only be used on one MxBus with a later software version of the camera.

A detailed description of the installation can be found in the Quick Installation Guide.