Extremely affordable, network-ready fixed mount cameras

FC-Series S thermal security cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks, FC-Series S thermal imaging cameras are available in high-resolution 640 × 480, and 320 × 240 formats.

power over ethernetPoE (Power over Ethernet)
Communication and power supplied with only one cable.

  • Standard PoE – IEEE 802.3af PSE – provides full operation with anti-icing
  • PoE+ – IEEE 802.3at PSE supports de-icing for extreme cold and/or icy areas where 100% up-time is critical.
IP controlIP control
The FC-Series S can be integrated in any existing TCP/IP network and controlled and viewed by a wide range of networked devices, including a PC, NVR, smart phone or tablet using FLIR or third-party products.. No additional cables are required. Using this configuration, you can monitor all activity over the network, even when you are thousands of kilometers away. An intuitive web interface allows for easy controlling and adjusting of the camera.
video streamingVideo Streaming
Multiple channels of streaming digital video are available in H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG formats. Simultaneous digital and composite video output is possible
Allows for protection against solar energy and precipitation.
IP66Designed for use in harsh environments
The FC-Series S is rated IP66.
softwareFLIR Sensors Manager
Each FC-Series S camera comes with a single sensor copy of FLIR Sensors Manager. This intuitive software allows users to manage and control an FC-Series S camera in a TCP/IP network.